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Welcome to MeritDent

MeritDent, LLC. was established in 2008 as a Nevada licensed Preferred Provider Dental Network. Our mission is to increase patient access, create more choices of dentists, improve the quality of care and eliminate unnecessary costs to employers.

MeritDent was founded by Dr. Brendan Johnson, an Oral Surgeon and Dr. Peter Balle, a General Dentist. The doctors are not only local and practicing in the community; they are involved in the day-to-day operations of the MeritDent business. They are in a unique position to insure the patient is receiving high level care at a resonable cost. As part of this process, MeritDent has created a Quality Review Board which consists of a group of respected dentists evaluating the usage of benefits, decreases unnecessary abuse and waste.

Meet Dr. Johnson

Dr. Brendan Johnson is widely recognized as one of the top oral surgeons in the country. His combination of education and expertise in utilizing cutting edge technology in his practice has put him at the forefront of the oral surgery field.

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Meet Dr. Balle

In addition to being viewed as one of the top dentist’s in the country, Dr. Balle is national thought leader in creating unique and cost effective ways to better treat the patient while at the same time reducing costs to the employer

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Our Core Values

MeritDent’s has a philosophy of delivering quality, comprehensive dental services to the patient in an environment where the patient always comes first

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